Weed Abatement Program Standards

The clearance requirements for the Weed Abatement program are referred to as the Minimum Fire Safety Standards.

Minimum Fire Safety Standards

  1. Vegetation must not exceed 6 inches in height any time after the compliance deadline.

  2. Maintain grasses and weeds below 6 inches for 10 feet horizontally on both sides of all roadways, including driveways and access routes. Roads and driveways must maintain a clearance of 10’ W by 13’6” H for all vegetation. 
  3. Clear flammable vegetation a minimum of 30 feet around any structure, occupied or not. Ornamental vegetation should be kept clear of dead material. Some conditions, such as slopes, may require up to a 100 foot clearance. 
  4. Parcels one acre or less shall be completely abated. Parcels over one acre up to five acres require 30 foot clearance around structures and perimeter property lines. Additional 30 foot cross fuel breaks may also be required.
  5. Parcels larger than five acres require 30 foot clearance around structures and perimeter property lines in addition to 30-foot cross fuel breaks as needed to separate the remaining vegetation into sections no larger than five acres.
  6. Keep property clear of accumulation of combustible debris, such as trash, wood, and dead vegetation. Stacked firewood and neatly piled yard waste is not considered to be combustible debris.
  7. Keep vegetation cleared from under the eaves of houses.
  8. Trim tree branches to at least 10 feet away from chimneys. Trim tree branches up from the ground to provide at least 6 feet of vertical clearance.
  9. Clear leaves, pine needles and debris from roof and gutters.


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