How The Process Works

Parcels are added to the Abatement Program in a number of ways.  The most common is for an inspector to see a hazard in person.  The office also receives complaints from the community and service requests or referrals from other public agencies like the fire department or public works.  An inspector will verify that a hazard exists, photograph the hazard, and record the location of the parcel with a GPS (Global Positioning System).

Your jurisdiction will adopt a resolution declaring properties as having potential fire hazards from weeds or other combustible debris a public nuisance.  In addition, your jurisdiction will hold a public hearing to consider an abatement order to require you to remove any hazardous vegetation or combustible debris.  The public hearing provides an opportunity for the property owner to raise any objections to the requirement that they remove the fire-hazardous vegetation/debris from the property prior to the deadline.

If the Weed Abatement Program is approved for your property during the public hearing, the County will be authorized by its contract with the cities, and by state law (California Health and Safety Code sections 14875-14922), to perform an inspection of your property to determine whether or not the property has been cleared of hazards according to the Minimum Fire Safety Standards.  Inspections will begin after the abatement deadline for your jurisdiction.   After the inspection, the County will order the necessary abatement work and send the property owner on record with the assessor’s office a 15 day courtesy notice indicating work needs to be completed.  If the work is not completed by the owner within that 15 day period, the work will be completed by the County Contractor.  The County will choose the most cost effective method of abatement considering the physical characteristics of your property and environmental concerns.  A County administrative fee is added to the contractor’s actual costs.  The total amount will be included as a special assessment on your property tax bill following confirmation of the charges by your jurisdiction.  Notice of the date of that meeting will be posted at a location prescribed by your jurisdiction (typically at the Civic Center/City Hall) at least (3) three business days prior to the meeting.


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